Catastrophic Bleed & Airway Management

From £50.00 per person*

Catastrophic Bleed course is a minimum duration of 3 hours and covers  bleeding management and the use of haemostatic dressings and tourniquet's in high risk industry and job roles.  Whether that is forestry, engineering or working with those at risk of harm this course will equip you with the necessary skills to preserve life and manage blood loss.  The Airway Management course is also 3 hours in duration and looks at aspiration, use of oro-pharyngeal and naso-pharyngeal airways and the risks and benefits of their useage. 

Package Includes

All instruction, certification and a course booklet is included along with lunch if booked as a full day course.  The course also gives you access to all resources and hands on practical techniques.

Kit Needed

Nothing special.  This is an indoor based course and comfortable clothing as there is some kneeling down and casulaty handling.

Health & Safety

All of our courses are supported by qualified and NUCO Training Ltd approved instructors which includes a comprehensive risk assessment prior to course takimg place.  If anyone delegate has any additional needs or support required then this should be made known to the instructor of the course.

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